Everyone loves KFC for their signature chicken covered in those coveted secret herbs and spices, but us folks at Dallas Filipino Restaurant are also huge fans of their more innovative offerings.

You may think Ombu Kusina is a new restaurant, they’ve actually been around for five years! Recently, they made major changes to their brand including change of name from Ombu Modern Miami Filipino Restaurant and a number of changes in their menu.

Last Sunday, I took the time to enjoy my food as it was not a full day of Christmas related activities. I went to one of Rack’s branches and availed their latest offering this season, Honey Dijon Spareribs.


Palitaw made with glutinous rice flour, grated coconut, sesame seeds, and sugar. Soft, chewy, and gluten-free, this Filipino delicacy is delicious nashville filipino food as snack or dessert.

There are so many ways to have a great Christmas party.

On this staycation take out, my friends and I shared a few of Rack’s signature items. For Php 1590, we had the smoky and quite lean Classic Pork Ribs Quarter Rack, tasty crispy Fried Chicken whole and a ‘large’ pasta salad side dish.

The bloggers were invited last night for quite a feast as three food establishments in Corner Market Cafe served us their top products. Besides Pizza Morena, the newest stall, there was also Sari Salo and Inari joining in the celebration of good food.

Last night, bloggers like me were invited yet again for another Corner Market event. This time only selected stalls were present. They provided us with an assorted selection of sushi as well as some of a unique Nori Taco.

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