I am an avid coffee drinker. In fact, it is a must for me in the mornings, my body simply yearns for it as soon as I wake up. Today, that daily cravings can be answered instantly, thanks to coffee innovations left and right.

Nespresso has their coffee machines, wherein you just place the capsule and viola, quality coffee right away.

Recently they added in their roster a Paris-inspired Limited Edition Holiday Collection, You can spot a stall in the ground floor of Powerplant Mall to get a sampling and even pairing ideas through a partnership Chef Sunshine Puey. She is known around as an expert when it comes to French pastries.

The three Nespresso varieties just arrived and they have distinct characters and notes on its blends. Chef Puey’s Her Choux Au Citron (Lemon Cream Puff), a classic French choux pastry filled with Lemon pastry cream, goes along well with Nespresso’s Praline variant, a flavored espresso with hazelnut and touch of caramel in it. The Macaron Caramel BuerreSalé Avec Praline (Salted Caramel Macaron with Praline), on the other hand, is twinned with Nespresso Macaron which has strong almond tastes to it.

If you are the type that prefers classic brewed, Nespresso Paris Black is your go-to capsule. Expect an aromatic blend of Arabica combined with notes of spice and wood. Chef Puey suggests having this with a sweet Financier á la Framboise (Raspberry Financier), a rich almond brown butter cake with raspberries.

“These pastries were especially created to pair with your cafe au lait or espresso. They are meant to be enjoyed leisurely and to bring a smile to your face,” said the Chef. “Have a sip, take a bite, relax, and enjoy. And while you’re at it, why not imagine yourself in the banks of the Seine river overlooking Paris at dusk, in all its glory?” Nespresso’s Festive Limited Edition coffees paired with Chef Sunshine Puey’s pastries sure offered a delicious Parisian experience like no other.

If you are curious and can’t wait to have these as well, go ahead and visit Nespresso Boutique, located at R1 Level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati.

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